Meet our Aussie Studs!

Due to popular demand,,, Vegemite EarCandy are BACK IN STOCK

Choose from 2 super cute designs - MINI Studs or Statement Dangles...

Or you can get both in a limited edish double up gift pack

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Each month, we'll send you our latest EarCandy Collection earring set, along with some sweet samples.

This month, it's MY 40th BIRTHDAY & I'm celebrating with Retro Vibes 💥

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Ain't NOBODY got EarCandy like Yours!

I only release one limited edition design per month and once they're gone, they're GONE!

Kind of like the last Rolo


OMG - It's like Shrinky Dinks all over again - but Better!

People keep asking me WHERE DID YOU GET THESE?

Soz luv - subs only

No matter how tight my jeans, my EarCandy earrings always fit me perfectly